Investigation Services Tasmania

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Our regular clientele include:

  • Corporate & Business Entities

  • Insurers

  • Government Departments

  • Legal Firms

  • Individuals


In today's changing world our clients require concise and independent information for the management of workplace situations and incidents.   Investigation is becoming a larger component of business management to prevent or mitigate loss.

Our business focus is commercial investigation.  We generally avoid any involvement in domestic matters.



​There are two main forms of collecting evidence, factual or surveillance investigation.

  • Factual Investigations

A factual investigation can involve the interviewing of witnesses, collation of documentary evidence and the examination of a myriad different sources of information.  The information requires to be tested and corroborated and presented in a format to enable determination or further proceedings.

  • Surveillance Investigations

A surveillance investigation involves the covert observation of a subject with a view to obtaining video evidence of activity and capacity of the person under observation.  The collection of video evidence provides the client with the means to make a determination of how to proceed with a matter, or provides available evidence to be presented in a future determination in a hearing or tribunal.

​Investigations are generally conducted after an event to gather information.  Events requiring investigation can include, vehicle accidents, vehicle and structure fires, loss, employee theft, workplace injury, workplace harassment and bullying, breaches of codes of conduct, and various property or personal injury matters.

Investigation is a management tool.

​​​​Process Service:


Process serving is delivery or serving of documents.  In addition to the delivery of the documents, evidence is provided showing the legal service of the documents upon the individual or entity.   Commonly served documents include:

  • Writs

  • Summons

  • Subpoenas

  • Civil law matters

  • Family law matters

  • Statements of Claim

We provide a state wide service of documents.  Our service is regularly used by interstate clients as we have proven to be cost effective and efficient.




In the early 1990's two independent investigation agencies commenced in Northern Tasmania.  In 2002 the two firms became Sage Management.

Since then we have become one of the longest established investigation firms in Tasmania.

We  provide a complete statewide coverage for investigation and process serving.